Repost: Interview with a KIA

I’m reposting this from 4yrs ago. At the time, I had the pleasure of interviewing and being interviewed by a fellow blogger. Pastor Dax Hughes, PhD about reasons for his Faith and my Deconversion from Christianity.

It’s been awhile, 4yrs to the post and just over five since I had a “Metanoia” or change of mind regarding my Faith in Christ, the Biblical narratives, and the Church.

There was a post on my old blog, but it’s since been deleted and I am unable to Recover it from Internet “Gehenna”. It was very pithy and clever in my posting of his questions and my answers, complete with pics referencing the movie Interview with a Vampire. But since this one is still “live” on Dax’s blog, the Infected Saint I thought he wouldn’t mind me reposting his post.

If there are any questions or comments, please feel free to leave a comment. Thank you all and thx again Dax for allowing me to (paraphrasing 1 pet 3:15 “… Give an answer for the Faith I no longer hold to be true”. -mike

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Why I Quit The Faith: An Interview with KIA

Over the last few months I have connected with “KIA,” a fellow blogger. He responded to my blog post about “Witnessing to Atheists.” KIA is a gifted poet and strong thinker. I was intrigued by his story, as he was once a minister. KIA has left the faith. I asked if he would allow me to interview him and he obliged me. I think it is vital that more dialogue happen between us Christians and those who think differently than we do. Here is the unedited, unabridged interview.

1. What do you consider yourself (Atheist, Agnostic, Other) and would you please explain what it means to you?

I don’t really know how i would Identify. as least not at this point in time. i don’t think i’m atheist because i still believe there ‘might’ be a god/gods, but i no longer believe we would ever know it if there were, nor would we be able to demonstrate their existence in the ‘real’ world. i guess for me, at least for now, the question becomes irrelevant. Who am i now? I’m just me, like i’ve always been. That’s who I am.

2. You were one time in the Christian Faith. Could you explain how you came to be part of the Christian Faith and how committed would you say you were to the faith?

Yes, I was a christian/disciple of jesus for 34 yrs, 25 of those in what i will refer to as ‘Avocational’ ministry of various forms. From teaching, evangelism (street and otherwise), international missions in two different countries and the US in the inner cities of the phoenix az area (gangs and kids pre-gang). I’ve led homegroups, led worship in small groups, outreach and church settings and have discipled men (my personal forte and passion for the last 20 years). I’d say i was about as committed and flexible a ‘disciple of jesus’ i’ve ever known without remaining a celebate, lifelong missionary in a third world country. I’ll match my ministry C.V. to anyone, anyday.

3. Why did you leave the faith? Would you describe that journey?

Evidence. Evidence had convinced me that i had been wrong about the very foundations of the Truth Claims and claims to Archaeological/Historical accuracy and the Textural Integrity of the Bible as a whole as God’s Word. to quote a verse slightly modified, “If the foundations be destroyed…” what is a christian to do but deconvert?

4. What is your take on Christians today? If you had then all gathered up in a room to listen to you what would you say?

My take on Christians today? I would hope they are like me, asking questions and searching for answers, even if those answers lead them away from what they believed as irrefutable and incontrovertible Truth. What would I say? Don’t be afraid to Think, read and question for yourself. Don’t ever stop growing in your knowledge and curiosity of the world around you and how you fit into it. Overall, Think for yourself and don’t let anyone tell you to just accept the answers you are given.

5. What advice would you give Christians on dialoging with those they disagree with?

Be respectful, diligent and courteous. listen and allow yourself to think thru the questions and the answers from both positions. “seek first to understand, then to be understood”. be open and ready to learn, but also ready to express and exchange what you hold to be true.

6. If Christianity is a farce why do you think millions and millions have followed it since the time of Jesus, many even to their deaths?

Millions of people believing something to be true, “even unto death” is not evidence of it actually being true. Realize, there are millions of Muslims, Buddhists and Hindus who have also lived and died for the Truth of their beliefs. would you concede the same ‘value’ to their convictions that they are true beliefs? i’m not sure you would.

Thanks to KIA for taking the time to answer my questions. If you have a question for him I am sure we will respond.
You can also check out his site at

Currently Reading: A Bunch !!

Good morning all. And it seems Happy 2021 !! Since this appears to be my first post of the new year… I know, three months late.

We’ve been busy still working from home, doing “home” stuff and trying to avoid the Great Covid Apocalypse. I have been reading, just not as much and haven’t really posted for awhile. I hope to change that.

The books I’m Currently Reading are as follows:

I’ve been trying to get thru the next installment of the Irish Country Villiage series by Patrick Taylor entitled An Irish Doctor in Love and at Sea. I have the 5 others in the series after this one (so far. He keeps adding more) and still want to get thru them all.

I’m currently also re reading The Jesus Mysteries by Timothy Freke and Peter Gandy. I read this last year but had gotten rid of it. Well, I found another copy at Bookmans along with their books on The Laughing Jesus and the Goddess Sophia. These are books dealing with the earliest and most original forms of Christianity that in their opinions came from a Judaizing of the Mystery Religions that were in vogue and ubiquitous at the time the Jesus Story came to be. Great reading. 🙂

The last is one I’ve had on the shelf for awhile. Daniel Dennett refers to it often in the book I read also last year, Breaking the Spell. The book he refers to is Religion Explained by Pascal Boyer. Both books have to do with the biological and social evolutionary origins and underpinnings of religion and religious thought. Looking forward to spending some quality time with Mr Boyer.

However… I am trying to read them all at the same time so it may take awhile. I may even have to prioritize the Irish Country Villiage book just to lighten the load a bit for the heavy stuff in the other two books. “Damn, it feels good to be a gangster”… of Reading, that is. -mike

Christmas Reads: Skipping Christmas

As usual, I will be reading only Christmas themed books both fiction and non-fiction in the month of December. First up is this modern classic by Legal Thriller author John Grisham, Skipping Christmas. This is the book that Tim Allen’s movie Christmas with the Kranks was based on. We watch the movie every year as well.

What are you all reading for Christmas? -mike

Currently Reading: In the Heart of the Sea

Long time no write, but as you’ll see from my 2020 reading list I’m still reading. My latest is Nathaniel Philbrick’s account of the fated whaling ship The Essex upon whose tale of demise Herman Melville based his famous novel Moby Dick.

This being Non Fiction November I’ve been trying to focus only on non fiction. Tried to read Stacy Schiff’s book Witches about the Salem witch trials, but alas… it was slogging to start and I had to put it down. I’ll try again next year as it’s on our shelf along with Richard Francis’s Judge Sewall’s Apology.

I am looking forward to reading both of these but they’ll need to go on the list for 2021. The Philbrick book will have to suffice for now and depending on how long it takes to read, his books tend to pull you along very well just like Erik Larson’s do, I may be able to get one more non fiction book done this month before my Christmas in December reading. I always try to read several Christmas books during December and this year will be no exception.

Happy reading to you all. -mike