Kadesh Barnea, Gaza, & The Exodus

The Exodus that Never Happened… and my personal one that did

This post bears the evidence that is sorely lacking in support of what we’ve been told of the biblical history of Israel. The lack of actual Archaeological Evidence for the Old Testament Biblical Accounts is at least reason for pause and deep consideration. The implications actually lead to conclusions that Christians such as I was are sometimes not willing to accept let alone think about.

I reblogged this post about 3yrs ago on another incarnation of the RKIA, but I coming back to it because this was the beginning of my willingness to disbelieve the biblical accounts. I suspended my Suspense of Disbelief long enough to lookk at the evidence with an Outsiders Point of View. I took the “Outsiders Test of Faith” encouraged by John Loftus and before long “mene, mene, tekel, upharsin” found the very foundations of my Faith Tradition “wanting” and utterly corrupt.

I’m not trying to convince anyone. The Bookish Recovering Know It All isn’t a “Counter Apologetics Ministry”. I believe I’m past that phase. But it is important to own and explain where I come from and how I got here. If there is a God, and I still believe there may be, it isn’t the Judeo Christian God described in the Old Testament. And if there actually was a Jesus of Nazareth, which I still believe there may in fact have been, he was not the Jesus described in the New Testament. He would have been just a simple preacher of righteousness calling his people and his nation back to their cultural God and moral base… and ended up getting killed for his efforts.

I no longer believe in a historical, actual, physical resurrection of the man Jesus, son of Joseph. If he was crucified, he would not have been laid in a “new tomb” owned by a rich man. He would have been tossed unceremoniously into a common grave after allowing the birds and dogs to pick his bones clean. That is what the Romans did. Crucification’s whole purpose was to deny proper, honorable, and decent burial.

That Jesus is and has been dead for millennia. For me, the NT Jesus has also been dead for about four years now. And in his death, I’ve gained New Life. My hope for you as well.

Peace. -mike

The Jewish origin tale recounted in the Pentateuch is a work of geopolitical fiction. This is the uncontested consensus of biblical archaeologists and bible scholars. It has been the consensus position amongst professionals for nearly three generations now, but as the Chief Archaeologist at Jerusalem’s Israel Museum, Professor Magen Broshi, explained: “Archaeologists simply do not take the trouble of bringing their discoveries to public attention.” So solid is the consensus, and so definitive the evidence supporting it, that in 1998, the American Schools of Oriental Research (ASOR), the primary American professional body for archaeologists working in the Middle East, changed the name of its professional publication from Biblical Archaeologist to Near Eastern Archaeology simply because the bible had been determined to be (beyond all doubt) an entirely unreliable historical source to direct research into the early Jews, pre-Babylonian captivity. Indeed, in that same year, even Christianity Today’s Kevin D…

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3 thoughts on “Kadesh Barnea, Gaza, & The Exodus

  1. From my reblog of three yrs ago

    KIA says:
    June 26, 2016 at 2:07 pm
    Reblogged this on The Recovering Know It All and commented:
    To paraphrase a well known verse from Psalm 113,”If the foundations be destroyed, what can the ‘Christians’ do?”. The only answer to this age old question is to Ask more questions, Seek better answers than what your Teachers and Leaders have allowed you, and start Thinking for yourselves. If the very foundational truths, evidence and historical proof of what you believe is non existent, if instead the Historical, Archaeological and Scientific evidence that DOES exist points in the opposite direction and conclusively proves your Faith is built on Myths, Legends and Lies… “what is the Righteous to do?”…
    If they are Honest, Open and have any shred of Intellectual Integrity left, the will Deconvert from Christianity and go into ‘Recovery’ from Knowing It All-ism.
    Thanks again to John Z. for such a well researched and presented piece. Truly heartbreaking for the Christian, but I’d rather live in the Real world than for a Dead ‘Savior’. -KIA


  2. In your “former” post on your “former” blog (that you highlighted here on your new blog), you wrote …

    … he was not the Jesus described in the New Testament. He would have been just a simple preacher of righteousness calling his people and his nation back to their cultural God and moral base

    BINGO! I totally agree. And said as much in my book. He was a devout Jew that saw the unfaithfulness and corruption among his people and attempted to remind them of Yahweh and all he stood for. Nothing more. Nothing less.

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    • This truth made it difficult to remain a Christian or any stripe. What we’ve learned since about science, history and the the cosmos has made it very difficult to remain any kind of theist in general without pushing it out beyond the beginning of our current universe with wishful thinking of what might have been before, but without the ability to either investigate or confirm. Very hard indeed.

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