Currently Reading: Moby Dick

Having just finished Samuel Adams – a Life by Ira Stoll, I turn my attention to another classic historical figure. Captain Ahab and his destructive obsession with The White Whale.

I have to admit that though we read portions of the book for English classes in both high school and college, I’ve never actually read this entire classic by Herman Melville. Although he did write others that also rate highly like Billy Bud and Bartleby, the latter of the two I have read, I’ve not quite gotten to the most famous and well known of his works.

I am looking forward to it. The copy I have is a 1940, no nonsense, hardback printing. We’ll see how well this goes. Updates forthcoming. Thanks again for reading.

Oh yeah, I’m also reading a book by Dr. Robert Price and Edwin A. Suominem on Biological Evolution and Theological responses to it called Evolving Out of Eden.

Enjoy what you’re reading. I certainly am. -mike

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