Kia’s Friday Haiku Challenge: “Remember”

Welcome to a new Weekly Post/Tag on the Recovering Know It All. Kia’s Friday Haiku Challenge. Sadly, we had no other participants from last week. 😦
The rules are simple:

  • Either choose or take a picture related to the theme or word of the week, or feel free to use the Picture provided on my post
  • Create a HaiKu accordingly, three lines of poetry 5, 7, then 5 syllables in length.
  • Post to your blog, link to mine, and post the link to yours here in the comments below. You’ll have all weekend and up until the following Friday to enter.
  • With the next Friday’s post I’ll be doing a Round-up of participants with their links for readers to follow back to yours to enjoy and perhaps add to the fun with their own.

What fun we’ll have. Why not join in? Here is mine for this week…

Life changed forever

Men, women, husbands and wives

Still September 12th

Eighteen years of war

When can we say “that’s enough”?

Time to bring them home.

We never forget

All our lives changed. We still grieve

But we must Move On.


We remember the victims of 9/11 and mourn the loss of those who have died since then in wars and on missions for our country’s protection and defense.

We remember another 9/11, one in 2012 where our Ambassador and four servicemen were killed trying to defend a position that was being overrun and attacked by militants. Those responsible at the time for sending help did nothing while they fought to save other’s lives.

We remember them too, how they callously yelled at the People’s Representatives “What does it matter?”. At that point, she didn’t care about their deaths. We do. It Matters to US.

Their lives, their sacrifices, their gifts of All… Mattered, and still do to those who remember. We can move on. We can continue. The tragedy of eighteen or seven years ago need not define or limit us. Let it give us strength and resolve to do wha needs to he done. We can Move On. But… Don’t forget.

Well, there is my try for today. Why not give it a try? Do your own post and drop a link or just comment below. Let’s do this!!


Friday Fun Poetry


work week’s done

it’s time for fun

maybe i’ll run

pretend i won

the power ball

or chuck it all

rise and fall

by glowing ball

sunrise wake me

sunset take me

dreaming maybe

all too hazy

early to bed

my cares to shed

of them well fed

they ache my head

my goal to sleep

to count my sheep

my snoring deep

in dreams i’ll leap.

from hill to hill

a slumber mill

new corners fill

of future will.

these words will write

perhaps fly kites

adventure nights

my burdens light.

work week’s done

it’s time for fun