Twittering Tales #154: Vaudeville Returns

This Week’s Twittering Tales #154 – 17 September 2019


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Welcome to this week’s Installment of my Twittering Tales participation for a weekly event from a fellow blogger at:

She does a 280 character challenge weekly where she posts a prompt pic and encourages creativity. I let her explain.

“About the challenge: Each Tuesday I will provide a photo prompt. Your mission, if you choose to accept the challenge, is to tell a story in 280 characters or less. When you write your tale, be sure to let me know in the comments with a link to your tale.”

Please do let her know and if you could also drop a line here too for us to follow, that would be fantastic. As for my entry… Here goes.


Vaudeville Returns
$500 on this storage space at the auction, an old beat up trunk? Ive bewn at this awhile and I ususally get at least some furtinture, maybe a victorian lamp, even some old coins. Something more than ancient carriage. But today I guess its Vaudeville. But here goes. (Opens) Whoa!!
(280 characters)
***Now it’s your turn. -mike