WTFriday: You’re Fired, again!!

Dude… Dude, dude, dude…. DUDE!!!

You just couldn’t do it, could you? You just couldn’t stop F*king yourself up for two weeks. Actually, it was 1 day shy of two weeks of the Antonio Brown Show in Foxboro.

So… after taking the chance tosee if AB really wanted to ply football rather than just “be” a Star Player, the Pats with the NFL have spent the last two weeks investigating Civil allegations of sexual assault by Brown on two women reaching back to 2017. Mercy and Grace has been shown in not summarily taking him off the field, anyone can make acusations… The women should have pressed Criminal charges as well as Civil ones if they wanted to be believed that it isn’t JUST about getting money for the last two years from AB… but they didn’t, and now they can’t… statute of limitations and all.

The NFL, probably on the Clout of Bill Belicheck and Robert Kraft, even declined to place AB on the Exempt list in order to play last week… Pats Fans are very graeful BTW for that.

But then… THEN… AB send text messages to the accusers trying itimidate them intodropping their complaints??? How stupid can you be???

  • Tomlin may have put up with it…
  • “Chucky” Gruden was “chomping at the bit” to put up with whatever got AB playing…

But we aren’t talking about them. We’re talking about Belicheck and the Pats. And th last week since the allegations came out, true or not, press conferences in New England have been nothing but AB and off field questions. After yesterday when AB sent those text messages, which could be criminal in witness tampering and intimidation, the Pats had seen and heard enough. Done. You’re fired.

Flip burgers A-hole.


Kia’s Friday Haiku Challenge: Arizona Fall

Welcome back to Kia’s Friday Haiku Challenge. Sadly, we had no other participants from last week.
The rules are simple:

  • Either choose or take a picture related to the theme or word of the week, or feel free to use the Picture provided on my post
  • Create a HaiKu accordingly, three lines of poetry 5, 7, then 5 syllables in length.
  • Post to your blog, link to mine, and post the link to yours here in the comments below. You’ll have all weekend and up until the following Friday to enter.
  • With the next Friday’s post I’ll be doing a Round-up of participants with their links for readers to follow back to yours to enjoy and perhaps add to the fun with their own.

What fun we’ll have. Why not join in? Here is mine for this week…

Winter is coming

Gone are the Triple Digits

Open the windows

Cool early mornings

Give way to temps still too high

Sundown brings relief

Survived the summer

October round the corner

Santa’s on his way.


I’ve lived in the Valley of the Sun for 31yrs now. I’ve never gotten used to the 110-120 degree temps. Thank God for a/c and cold Sam Adams.

But this time of year, usually the middle to late September, we start to see a change. It’s our Second Spring where the days get shorter and the nights/early mornings get cooler as a promise of relief from high electric bills and blistering weather.

It’s still warm outside during the height of the afternoon, but there’s aire of hopefulness that the worst is in the past… At least until next May.

I’m sure your area is the same. Why not share your region and hopes in HaiKu form?

Well, there is my try for today. Why not give it a try? Do your own post and drop a link or just comment below. Let’s do this!!