Saturday Currently Reading: In Search of Paul

No, I’m also still reading Moby Dick

As some may know, I’m still very interested in almost all things Bible, Christian and theology. It’s hard to stop having an interest that you have carried on for decades. In recent years however I’ve taken to investigating history, archaeology, Texural criticism, and scientific endeavors as well and evaluating what I have believed in the past and what I believe now.

John Dominic Crossan is one of my teachers thru books in some of these subjects. I just started this morning a book he published in 2004 with archaeologist Jonathan L. Reed titled “In Search of Paul” on the Historical Apostle Paul and how his mission involved opposition to the Cult of Ceasar by promoting the equality of all, In Christ. In just the introduction and the first chapter, they have already managed to intrigue me in the juxtaposition of true Pauline writings in the New Testament to pseudo or false ones added or inserted later that sought to change or “edit” certain of his teachings for various reasons.

They are going to the places where Paul walked and worked, separating and discriminating as they go, to tell the story of the Historical Paul as closely as we can tell from actual history as opposed to just relying on shall we say… “cleverly devised tales” of him. This too is going to be a great read and a companion to Crossan’s book “The Historical Jesus” which is also on my shelf and which I read last year. Why not pick up a copy of either and read along with me.


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