WT… Sunday: Hey, didn’t we Fire you?

You just can’t do the things ab has done and think you’re beyond accountability. Accusations are One thing. Anyone can accuse you of anything. The Pats and the NFL were willing to ride it out and find the truth. But dude… You CAN’T send threatening text messages to your accusers trying to intimidate them into possibly shutting up or dropping the accusations.
If these were Criminal Charges, which sadly, the one woman waited beyond the statutes of limitations on, presumably because she spent that time trying to get money from AB before going to authorities (blackmail??… extortion??), if these were Criminal Charges, threatening and attempting to intimidate victims and witnesses is criminal in itself. The NFL knows that, the Pats know that, Robert Kraft knows that… apparently AB doesn’t know that.
THAT’S the reason they released him Friday, not just the accusations. The Pats allowing That kind of activity could get the Pats in legal trouble as Accessories to victim and witness intimidation. At that point, the Pats and Mr Kraft had no choice. AB did this to himself, no one else is to blame.

Enough said. Now let’s play some football.