Updated: When comments disappear…

You know you’ve struck a chord.

I recently commented with a question regarding a Father’s POST on the Catholic abuse issue. His post was in answer or refutation of someone’s rather rude and profane comment from a previous post (perhaps?)

From the title of his post

Militant atheist: “F*** religious rights!” He asks about Jesus. Look Pope Francis!

Obviously, the person felt strongly, and so did the Father who wrote the Post in response.

My questions were more to where was/is God when the abuse was happening? I can’t copy and paste to show the exact wording, my two comments were deleted without explanation, so I will do my best to duplicate them here, opening the floor for discussion.

I first asked where God was and was He interested in stopping the abuse and protecting the children, rathe than just punishing the perps after death.

I guess both were very similar questions about whethr God was interested, willing or able to prevent the abuse in the first place.

I can understand why no answer. I would have been uncomfortable with the question myself when I was still a Christian. But the comments deleted… As if they were never asked… On a blog supposedly dedicated to… Answering questions and representing God’s mind on these things.

Of course I did ask, in two other deleted comments, why my two previous were deleted. They were not rude nor were they profane. They were just questions that the Father not only didn’t want to answer, but he also didn’t even want to acknowledge their being asked.

So… What would the answer be to my question? From both a Christian and a non-christian theist point of view.

Update 9/26/19

I was able to grab the comments still in moderation from 9/24

  1. My question would be where is god when all this abuse was (is) happening? Is He interested in stopping it, and protecting the children so it doesn’t happen, or just punishing the perps after death?

  2. If I saw someone being abused, especially a child, and could do something about it to stop the abuse in the first place, I would. Free will of the perp be darned. I’d stop it to protect the child. Why does God not seem able or willing to do the same?

He thought he’d be smart and post a separate POST without actually answering an of my previous questions.

Here are my comments to his second post.

  1. My comments didn’t go into moderation. You deleted them after they showed up on your post. I saw them one by one post, then I saw them one by one disappear. You should be honest.

  2. Oh. Now I see you didn’t fully delete them, you just took them to moderation. Where they still are on your original post. Days ago, your not holding them because you haven’t got to them. You’re just holding them. Be honest.

  3. Release the other comments to others can make a fair evaluation of both sides of the conversation

Here’s the deal with both posts

The Father is not being honest with my questions, he’s still not being honest with his answers, he’s not being honest in how he’s charachterized my questions or my posts and he hasn’t even been honest in how he hs labeled me an Atheist. He hasn’t asked, I didn’t offer, but he assumed that I am because I am no longer Christian, as if all non christians or former Christians are automatically in the Atheist bin.

By the way Father, I’m not an Atheist. Just no longer Christian, partly because of the type of responses I have received in the past like yous from Christians, ministers and apolgists like you to honest questions.


He’s still hiding my comments, and the second post received a comment from an “Aussiemom” that again misses the point. She an his readers should be allowed to see the whole story, but I guess he’s not really into that. I responded to the Aussiemom but again, its in moderation to hide me and my side. I post my response here as well.

“It’s not kind of you or the father to lable me as atheist when I’m not. Please visit my blog for the other side of the story on our ‘conversation'”

I encourage all to read the posts he did with my comments. What do you all think?

Update again 9/27/19

And now apparantly he’s removed the both the second and the first post altogether.


I get a page not found when I go there. How about you?

Down in the bucket. You know what to do.

“I know what I know, if you know what I mean…”

“… Do ya?”

The Dunning Kruger Effect says the less you know about a subject the more confident you are about your mastery of it, and the more you “don’t know what you don’t know”.

There are so many more of US out there that need to go into Recovery from “Knowing It All” yet don’t know it yet. It affects how we treat each other, how willing we are to listen and consider the other’s point of view, and how ready we are to accept when we are shown to be wrong about a particular subject.

I think it comes from an inate desire to see ourselves as better than we are and perhaps better than those around us. It may go back to childhood where for decades we’ve been told we’re the best and the brightest by parents and adults who tried to boost our efforts by boosting our self esteem. Or it could be centuries of being raised in Faith Based environments that sold us on being The Chosen Ones, or Kids of the King.

Either way, it’s really just prolonged childhood and refusal to grow up into full adulthood. Many experience the D/K Effect and even learn about it… yet STAY Eternal Children out of Fear of the unknown and “Loss of the Gloss” of having a secure and stable “knowledge” or Faith Community to fall back on.

It’s scary to feel like you’ve been wrong for years… decades even… and have to leave the Plato’s Cave you’ve known for the Reality that you don’t really Know what you thought you did. It’s scary, but it’s necessary. We aren’t meant to be Children and Immature forever.

If you are confronted with your own version of The Dunning Kruger Effect today… It’s time to grow up. It’s time to accept you Don’t Know what you think you Know. It’s time to realize that you don’t even Know how much you don’t know.

It’s time to enter the Recovery from Knowing It All.