Kia’s Friday Haiku Challenge: “Blogging”

Welcome back to Kia’s Friday Haiku Challenge. Sadly, we had no other participants from last week.
The rules are simple:

  • Either choose or take a picture related to the theme or word of the week, or feel free to use the Picture provided on my post
  • Create a HaiKu accordingly, three lines of poetry 5, 7, then 5 syllables in length.
  • Post to your blog, link to mine, and post the link to yours here in the comments below. You’ll have all weekend and up until the following Friday to enter.
  • With the next Friday’s post I’ll be doing a Round-up of participants with their links for readers to follow back to yours to enjoy and perhaps add to the fun with their own.

What fun we’ll have. Why not join in? Here is mine for this week… The word is Blogging.

The World is US

‘There’ from miles away

Connected by only waves

We talk as close friends

Coffee by each side

Minds open to understand

The World’s ‘other side’

What hopes in Europe?

What new Japanese Fashion?

Books in Zimbabwe?

One People, One World

World Wide Web connecting US

Share your life with Words.

“And now, a word from our sponsors…”

As i said in one of my previous posts, this is not my first Rodeo with the WordPress Blogging Experience. I started perhaps 6 or 7yrs ago with a very different kind of blog that reflected who I was and what I was about then. Life changes and interest changes over the years have led to this blog that you read now… at least some people anyway.

Blogging is not everything to me or to most people who do it. We do have other lives off “The Net”. Mine is in a call center in a few hours. But I enjoy sharing my life in books, music, ideas and pictures with you. We all may have different interests and reasons and goals for doing the blogs we do, but it’s important I think to realize that the MOST important thing to remember is that there’s a whole World our there of different people, different ideas, different perspectives, and different thoughts than ours. If we fail to “seek first to understand” only wanting “to be understood”, we fail to see the real benefit of blogging and the opportunity that is The Internet in general.

  • Connection to learn.
  • Connection to communicate.
  • Connection to understand.
  • Connection to each other.

For me, blogging is Connection. Not just telling my story, but also being open to hearing and considering someone else’s from the other side of the World that otherwise I would not have been able to hear. That’s why I love blogging and why I’ve stuck with it for several different incarnations and types of blogs as I have changed too.

Keep on Connecting. Keep on Blogging.

Well, there is my try for today. Why not give it a try? Do your own post and drop a link or just comment below. Let’s do this!!


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