Saturday Six Word Story Prompt (6WSP): “Betrayed”

Hi there all you blogger buddies and readers. This will hopefully be a weekly participation post for Saturday Six Word Story Prompt.

You can read the rules and guidelines HERE.

I’m participating in this week’s prompt of Betrayed. Why not join in? Here we go with my entry:

“What once was Precious, now Lost”

And another to illustrate…

“The Betrayals that Betrayal leads to.”

Who betrays whom?

We think of Judas

One who believed, yet Betrayed-

-The One meant to Die.

A Zealot pre-made

God shaped his own betrayer.

Determined ahead.

Following a script

Set forth from Eternity

Obedient one

Did Judas betray?

Without knowing, he obeyed.

Could he be guilty?

Story set in Blood

Omniscient narrator writes.

Novelized doctrine.

“Buy Truth”, or the truth?

Not the Only “Risen One”.

Once “Found”, but now Free.


Betrayed and Betrayer

Some may call us Apostates. Others Deconverts. Still others “stop their ears” to our stories and past to lable us “never saved” or Atheists… both wrongly so.

Those of us who have asked questions that “must not be asked” or dug deeper than the ‘Answers’ provided that “must not be questioned” feel differently though.

It’s not us who have Betrayed our former Faith or Saviour, it’s our Faith Tradition which has betrayed us by not allowing the possibility that gnaws at the hearts and minds of almost everyone who believes, but the most irrational and separated from Reality. The possibility that we are wrong. That God may exist, but Other than we Believe.

I still believe in God.

I don’t “know” or claim to be able to fully know. But I believe still. If God truly exists, He/She/It is so “Other” as to be beyond our detection by natural means or comprehension by limited minds. I no longer believe we would be able to Know.

We’re the ones who have been betrayed for decades, centuries, millennia, regarding the Foundations of our “Faith Once Delivered”. Apologists try to block the exits, plug the dike, give us “answers sufficient” to keep us calm and confident, but wholly unable to completely disspell the doubt, erradicate the “disease” that threatens to shine the light on the Hollywood Set-piece nature of the “Greatest Story Ever Told”. Apologetics is Big Business and business… is Booming.

Some know what they are saying and selling, as one historian repeats, “isn’t True, isn’t History”, that it’s “just more Astounding Rubbish from the New Testament”, and Tradition passed down thru the ages as Revealed Truth ™.

Some know, but are “bound” by carreer, finances and families to make the best of it anyway, like the “Hirelings” spoken of by Jesus in the Gospel, lest they “lose the World by gaining their souls” and integrity.

Thankfully, aside from a short stint as a missionary overseas myself, I was never in such a position of making that choice. But I think of those who betrayed me and empathize with them as well, having been betrayed themselves by others and the same system, and betraying themselves everyday to maintain their livelihoods and careers.

Universal Stockholm Syndrome

We have all been held captive to an idea that Captivates as it promises Freedom. Even those whose “Jobs” it is to Apologize, Answer for and Defend what, if Truly True, would not need defending, answering for or Apologetics.

Truth can be Detected for

History, Science, Archaelogy and Biology all tell a very different story. One that can be verified and even challenged and corrected if found later to be incorrect or in need of updating.

Faith neither offers nor tolerates any of those. It demands obedience. I was both Betrayed and Betrayer.

Now… I’m on Recovery. Why not join me?

Why not join in with your own entry in the comments, on your blog with a link down below or just on the original blog that startd this Hot Mess. Down below, you know what to do.


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