100 Word Wednesday: Baby Monitors

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Its Time again for the next installment of a weekly post 100 Word Wednesday. It’s a writing prompt meme by

100 Word Wednesday: Week 139

which invites others to share in the joys and creativity of micro fiction. Visit her blog for a full explaination of how to participate:

My entry for the week:

We walked slowly back to our car in the lot down the street from the restaraunt where were we had the most amazing dinner. It was her birthday and she’d requested italian, as usual.
Married less than a year, the newness of togetherness hasn’t yet worn off, especially when the news came last week of the promise of a third.
We have to be quiet thru this section, down this alleyway. There are always those who would listen in, trying to catch the odd word here or admission there. It’s not easy to keep a secret these days.
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Now it’s your turn.


Two Believers Arguing about the Bible

Sadly, this could have been me. I was every bit as stubborn, foolish and ignorant in the face of intelligent, thoughtful and kind people who just disagreed with me.

I was a KJV, 6 days/6000yrs (certainly not more than ten), evolution denying bible totin’, chapter and verse spoutin’… arrogant S.O. a… God. They both understand and accept that they use circular reasoning about the belief that the Bible is the Word of God. The fact that Steven goes further down the Rabbit Hole to include the KJV Translation in his reasoning doesn’t negate that both are admitting and justifying their circular reasoning about the Bible in general.

If only James could take the logical consequences one step further… like I did.


Just a hint on Evidence…

Passing on what previous generations have said or believed is not Evidence. It’s a Claim… Hearsay.

They may indeed have said it. They may have believed it. Neither makes it automatically true. And the fact that they said it and/or believed doesn’t constitute Evidence for you to believe or say that it’s true either.


Ronovan Writes Monday HaiKu Challenge: Empty and Whole

Hello all you readers and writers. I’m joining the Weekly HaiKu Challenge on Mondays led by Ronovan Writes. Go HERE for the instructions and how to particpate. This week’s Prompt words are Empty and Whole. Here I my entry for this week.

By Grief Restored

Empty seats once full.

Ghosts of those now gone attend.

Broken hearts, now whole.


Why not have a try? Do you post, drop a link at Ronovan’s and if you’d like to let me know also, that would be fantastic.


Ten Word Tuesday: Winning and Losing it All

“Someone probably forgot to tell them, winning isn’t nearly everything.”

As a Kansas State Wildcats fan, it’s both a sad week for Kansas and an “I told you so” kind of week. It may not be said that “Cheaters never prosper”. But they don’t for long without getting caught.
Now it’s your turn. -mike

Twittering Tales #155: Life Goes On

This Week’s Twittering Tales #155 – 24 September 2019

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Welcome to this week’s Installment of my Twittering Tales participation for a weekly event from a fellow blogger at:



She does a 280 character challenge weekly where she posts a prompt pic and encourages creativity. Please VISIT her ste for an explaination of the rules. Please let her know if you’re participating also and if you could drop a line here too for us to follow, that would be fantastic. As for my entry… Here goes.


“It goes on”

Looking out over tomorrow, Seeing himself with her just last week, Daniel didn’t know if he could do it anymore without seeing her again. The memories would always be stronger than reality alone. She was gone but he knew every day would be another choice for him to stay. “Live”.
(270 characters)

September is Suicide Prevention Month
My entry this week is in honor of Suicide Prevention Month and all those help others and those who continue to make the choice to remain. It may seem to some the easiest choice in the world to keep living. But in the face of truly difficult times or great loss or traumatic experiences finding reasons to becomes almost excruciatingly painful. That’s where loved ones, family members and close friends come in. Be aware. Be empathetic. Be the bridge back to reality and hope that these people need to continue choosing life. 
***Now it’s your turn. -mike


What’s the Good of Prayer?

Prayer in these situations is more for us and the grieving parties than actually effectual for change.
Even when we do receive “answers to prayer”, or what we interpret as such, there is very little way, other than by faith that they are in fact divinely provided. We have faith that they are and for most, that’s enough for them to believe that they are.
The comfort and peace of knowing someone is there caring for you and with you. Human kindness and empathy in action.

For all that prayer does not accomplish in regards to traceable divine intervention on our behalf, the act and effort changes us and those around us as we empathize with them. That is the true impact and effect of prayer, even when God says No or Wait or just Nothing.