Currently Reading Also: In Search of Paul

Lest anyone think I’m slacking, along with Moby Dick I’m also trudging my way thru, currently on pg 157, of John Dominic Crossan’s book on the historical Paul.

It’s similar in scope and detail to the one I read of his on the Historical Jesus. Both books are Great Reads and Amazing History.



Ronovan Writes Monday HaiKu Challenge: Air and Lantern

Hello all you readers and writers. I’m joining the Weekly HaiKu Challenge on Mondays led by Ronovan Writes. Go HERE for the instructions and how to particpate. This week’s Prompt words are Air and Lantern.Here I my entry for this week.

What could be better?

We float over the desert

Bourne only by Breath.


Why not have a try? Do you post, drop a link at Ronovan’s and if you’d like to let me know also, that would be fantastic.