Twittering Tales #157: Popcorn Up!!

Twittering Tales #157 – The Photo Prompt


Photo by noelsch at


Welcome to this week’s Installment of my Twittering Tales participation for a weekly event from a fellow blogger at:

She does a 280 character challenge weekly where she posts a prompt pic and encourages creativity. Please VISIT her site for an explaination of the rules. Please let her know if you’re participating also and if you could drop a line here too for us to follow, that would be fantastic. As for my entry… Here goes.

Ok sir, just so I can get this for my report, can you go thru the story one more time please?
“It’s like I was saying officer. We were just sitting down to watch the movie after putting the Jiffy Pop on the stove. It was one of those MCU movies that everyone’s watching, when…”
(280 characters)

Now it’s your turn. -mike



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