Kia’s Friday Haiku Challenge: “Thinking”

Welcome back to Kia’s Friday Haiku Challenge. Sadly, we had no other participants from last week.
The rules are simple:

  • Either choose or take a picture related to the theme or word of the week, or feel free to use the Picture provided on my post
  • Create a HaiKu accordingly, three lines of poetry 5, 7, then 5 syllables in length.
  • Post to your blog, link to mine, and post the link to yours here in the comments below. You’ll have all weekend and up until the following Friday to enter.
  • With the next Friday’s post I’ll be doing a Round-up of participants with their links for readers to follow back to yours to enjoy and perhaps add to the fun with their own.

What fun we’ll have. Why not join in? Here is mine for this week… The word is Thinking.

I don’t know… yet

I once was so sure

The wisdom is not knowing

When you really don’t


I’m still a thinking man. I wish I had spent more of my life admitting that I didn’t actually know even half of what I accepted as absolute truth. Now I see tons of others, who are now as I was then, who would rather critcize and attack what other people think than support what they themselves claim as truth.

People making posts on top of posts dealing with heavy philosophical or cosmological ‘arguments’ but they having little to no educational or formal training or background in the fields they speak on.

What is it about “I don’t know” that seems to threaten people so much?

Well, there is my try for today. Why not give it a try? Do your own post and drop a link or just comment below. Let’s do this!!