4 thoughts on “Blogging Questions

    • I would guess that it comes from an insecure position of knowing they can’t support their claim, so they try to attack the opposite so as to discredit even doubting. It works more times than not with people don’t really think it thru. Amatuer Internet apologists


      • While I do agree with your first sentence, I don’t think they see it that way at all. Many believe their “experiences” are far more valid than a non-believer’s argument/facts/evidence.

        However, I do agree that once any sort of uncertainly happens to sneak in, they will definitely resort to insults and vitriol … because this is all they have.

        The thing I find rather amazing is when push comes to shove, all that believers have is the bible. They base their entire life’s outlook on a several thousand year old book that’s filled with myths, legends, superstitions. Yet for them … it’s TRUTH. And they will debate anyone who disagrees. SMH

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