Currently Reading: The Son of Neptune

Having finished just today The Lost Hero, I turn attention to the second book in the five book series The Heroes of Olympus by Rick Riordan of Percy Jackson fame, The Son of Neptune.

This is a series immediately following the Percy Jackson series and immediately preceding Riordan’s The Trials of Apollo. I’ve only read two other Young Adult Fiction series before. Last year I read both The Hunger Games Trilogy and the four book set of the Divergent Series.

Although the book and the writing is definitely intended for a much younger audience than yours truly, I still enjoyed Hero as is sets the stage for the series as a whole.

Greek Gods, and their Roman named counter identities, actually exist and have communication/concourse with the Real World we all experience. Their half-blooded human children called Demigods are are equally a reality as we learn of a growing plot to once again overthrow the Gods of Olympus and destroy the world of mortals.

Jason, a demigod named for THAT Jason, wakes up in a summer camp for teenaged demigods fashioned after their Greek God parentage only to find he has no idea who he is, why he’s there and with whole chunks of his memory and identity missing.

He learns thru the story that he has been one part of an exchange that’s been made to bring two sides together, not only Demigods and Gods, but also two different groups of Demigods, to prepare and fight a growing world threat to all sides.

Im just starting the second book The Son of Neptune named for the Percy Jackson of the first series before this one who it would seem is the second part of the exchange of the two camps of Demigods, designed to build a human bridge of trust, understanding and cooperation between factions separated purposely for centuries to maintain balance.

I did enjoy the first book, and i will probably enjoy the second, despite the series being written as children’s fiction. I think it’s an amazing way to teach kids about both Greek and Roman mythology and history and help them have a greater appreciation for classics that even most adults these days would rather ditch for the easier “I’ll just see the movie”. I’m game if the books are Good enough for this old guy. Good reading.