Simply Kalam-itous

Shutting down a dishonest use of Kalam to “prove” the Existance of God

The Kalam Cosmological Argument

  • Whatever begins to exist had a cause
  • The Universe began to exist
  • The Universe had a cause.

That’s it. All the Kalam says it that the Universe ‘must’ have had a cause. It says nothing whatever about that cause, whether it was personal, impersonal, accidental or intentional. Nothing.

Personal Disclaimer:

I am neither a scientist or a philosopher. And although I believed, read, studied and even taught the bible for decades as a Christian, I don’t claim to be a Theologian or biblical scholar either.

Bait and Switch

But people try to use this simple syllogism that only speaks to the Beginning of the Universe to “leapfrog” to ‘God therefore exists… prove me wrong’. It’s just not honest.

But to be Honest…

Issues with the premeses and conclusion aside, neither God or a ‘Creation’ of everything there “Now” is from a state of absolute Nothingness “Before” is proven, demonstrated or even implied by The Kalam. And by the flipside, to state or try to imply otherwise is disingenuous at best… and Intentionally Dishonest at worst.

And to do so for the agenda of Apologetics to “smuggle in” a God who you can’t actually demonstrate or prove to actually exist in Reality and ultimately to shift the “Burden of Proof” onto those who would disbelieve you… well, that’s just deceptive, dishonest, arrogant and rude. And you know it, or you should.

And… The response to Craig’s response…

As I said, I’m not a theologian, scientist or a philosopher so I won’t be ‘arguing this out’ with anyone… Especially not With others who aren’t professionally trained theologians, scientists or philosophers… that means YOU amateur internet apologists. Just watch the videos and if you are really trying to understand, seek out others and more information that disagrees with your positions than that which just confirms what you already believe.

Confirmation bias can be a real B -word. It takes courage and integrity to be willing to hear, understand and if necessary accept information when it disagrees with your current model of reality. Be courageous. Be Honest.