Currently Reading: The Christmas Wedding

James Patterson… yeah.

This is the second Christmas book I’m reading this season. The first was my cheater read of John Grisham’s Skipping Christmas, a wonderful read. But The Christmas Wedding is a bit more serious and family focussed.

Gaby is a 54yr year old mother of four adult children with families and lives of their own. Recently widowed, 3yrs now, she sends a video to her kids telling them she’s getting married on this coming Christmas so they better all show up at the family farm in Massachusetts. The gent’s identity is a secret until that day. They have no idea who it will be and the best part for the reader is… neither does he… Which one of three suitors will it be? Not even Gaby knows yet.

Come along on this family and fun journey and read with me James Patterson’s The Christmas Wedding.

What are you reading? Will you be reading only non-fiction this month? Why not have a go and share.