Currently Reading: “Santa!!!!”

The Autobiography and Mrs Claus

Having just finished The Christmas Wedding by James Patterson, I move to the third and fourth books on my seasonal reading list. The Autobiography of Santa Clause by Jeff Guinn that I read last year, a fantasy trip through history and historical persons that “helped” him along the way on his mission of giving, and the follow up book that I picked up at the local library sale this last year How Mrs Claus Saved Christmas. I’m really looking forward to digging into that one but first I’ll re-read the first.

By the way… Gaby picked the brother in law Marty at the end of The Christmas Wedding. Great book. It’s a bit predictable and soft on the story, but we’ll worth the read for the family and seasonal reflection. This is the second year I’ve read it and plan to make it a yearly.

What are you reading? Will you be reading only non-fiction this month? Why not have a go and share.