Happy New Year 2020: Reading Plans

Happy 2020 New Year WordPress family!!!

Good morning all. It’s a new month, a new year and a new decade. I thought I’d share a brief outline of my reading plans for this coming month and year.

My parents are one big reason that I love reading. They had hundreds of books, both hardcover and softback as we grew up. When they both passed, dad 10yrs ago this June and mom 7yrs ago this coming April, we had our job cut out for us in sorting thru and sadly needing to get rid of most of them. We just didn’t have the room for all of them on our shelves.

I managed to keep a small handful though of books that I thought reflected their favorite series, authors and genres. Some I have already read as favorites of my own over the years, others I still have yet to fully explore. I’ve decided that 2020 will be the year to give it a go. This year will be primarily dedicated to reading my mom and dad’s books, starting with Robert Ludlum then moving on to John LeCarre and into James Clavell.

My first two in January will be these two by Ludlum, The Road to Gandolfo and The Road to Omaha. Both written about 20yrs apart, but both with more of a comical flavor than most of his more spy thriller novels.

So happy New Year, happy reading and I hope this coming year brings you and yours all the best that you deserve while showing Grace and mercy and redemption for the mistakes and errors of last year.