Finally Finished Reading: The Road to Omaha

Wow.. now THAT took a long time

Good morning all. Long time no write, I know. It seems this year has been a much slower reading year so far than 2019 or even 2018. So far, my journey has only been to finish two books in the last two and a half months. The latest being the 1992 follow up to the 1975 Road to Gandalfo.

As I said in a post before, these books are part of the collection from my mom and dad after they passed that I’m trying to read thru this year. Mom always wanted me to get thru these two in particular and since Ludlum is one of my favorite novelists, I decided they would be the introductory volumes for the reading journey this year.

Both are “Caper” kinds of books with intrigue, humor and silliness wrapped up in government, military, and spy business in a post war context. Gandolfo, the Vietnam War and Omaha the Cold War.

They’re quick paced, funny and very well written. Although I liked the original 1975 Gandalfo about the kidnapping and replacing of the Pope more than Omaha’s premise of petitioning the Supreme Court to turn over land currently “Occupied” by the Strategic Air Command to its former owners.

Either way you slice it, you’re in for a wild ride and an enjoyable diversionary treat if you decide to pick these books off the shelf. So… what are you reading these days?


4 thoughts on “Finally Finished Reading: The Road to Omaha

  1. Well, Mike, currently I am reading reports daily about the Coronavirus. There’s been a daily briefing from our Prime Minister and also daily news conferences with our provincial Premier and Health Minister. . .I think most people are glued to their TV sets and/or electronic devices to keep up with the latest in this pandemic. I assume you’re in self-isolation like the rest of us, eh?
    I am really worried about my neighbours to the south – you people have been seriously jeopardized by your inept gov’t . . . Honestly, what a complete shitshow on the world stage. 😦

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    • Carmen, my wife and I are working from home. She started thursday and i transition monday. Not really worried about how we look on the “world stage” at this point. Just like other countries, we’re looking to our own first. Too many people trying to make political points off of real people’s tragedies. As for me and my house… we have chosen not to give into or spread fear or panic. Just getting thru it the best we can like everyone else


  2. Oh, and for some sensible reading, I’d recommend Naomi Klein’s, “The Shock Doctrine”. ..these days it should be required for all. 😦


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