Currently Reading: Dune

Good morning all you readers out there. I’ve finished Sapiens and The Secret of Santa Vittoria. Now I’m off to “Arrakis, Dune, Desert Planet…”. The classic book of science fiction first published in 1965 by Frank Herbert is my next major task in reading. I remember watching the movie they made for it in 1984 with a very young Kyle McLaughlin. Saw it in the theater when I was in language school in the army at the Presideo. I’ve always wanted to read the book that won both major book awards for science fiction and in 1975 was voted the best science fiction book ever written. Here’s my chance. And so far, only two or three chapters in, it’s much better writing than the movie. Looking forward to finishing before the end of june.

Good reading all. -mike

2 thoughts on “Currently Reading: Dune

  1. I’ve never read it nor have I seen the movie. I’m not really sure why not. It is interesting to see there is a new movie adaptation set to release at the end of this year with some well-known actors set to appear in it.

    The book sounds interesting from what I’ve read about it. I may just have to read it myself.

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    • Sorry Ben. It’s been weird not checking these comments as often as I used to. The 1984 movie seems like a shell of the story compared to the book so far. Much better writing and more complex and detailed story. It would be worth reading for anyone at least once. I’ll let you know how it turns out. Thx again for commenting

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