How not to Answer a Direct Question

For your amusement today. Enjoy the insecurity and evasiveness. It’s all Kabuki Theater to some people.

— mike


  1. Many people who have different gods from yours, who live according the dictates of them, also say that objective morality comes from their god/gods. Must one be Christian or even theistic to be moral?

    • I’m going to assume you’re a decent person asking a question out of actual curiosity.

      “Must one be Christian or theistic to be moral?”

      Please define “moral.”

      • Moral for me would be good and not evil or harmful to others or myself

      • Thank you for answering so concisely.

        You said that morality is essentially not to do harm to yourself or others.

        Question. Is that “morality” personal to yourself (subjective)? or is it a set rule that all must live by (objective)?

      • This is not an interogation of my morality. I asked you the question. What I believe about or define as moral isn’t relevant to your answering the question. Please answer.

      • What you believe and who you are is important to how I choose to deal with your question. You’re a stranger to me and I don’t just dish out quick answers to strangers. I have no idea about your motivations, your stage of mental or emotional growth or your stance on truth. Each of these are factors in how I should deal with the question. Personally, I don’t just dish out to strangers on demand. “Hey, dude, I’m the one who asked the question, so you don’t get to examine me, just answer please.” No.

        It may be that you don’t appreciate my way of dealing with people. That’s ok. To each their own. We can just go back to exactly what we were a few moments before you chose to post a question on my blog. Absolute strangers totally irrelevant to the life of the other.

      • Wasn’t asking based on what I believe. I was asking based on what you believe. No worries. Answer or not. Your choice.

        Comment below. Thx again -mike