Currently Reading: In the Heart of the Sea

Long time no write, but as you’ll see from my 2020 reading list I’m still reading. My latest is Nathaniel Philbrick’s account of the fated whaling ship The Essex upon whose tale of demise Herman Melville based his famous novel Moby Dick.

This being Non Fiction November I’ve been trying to focus only on non fiction. Tried to read Stacy Schiff’s book Witches about the Salem witch trials, but alas… it was slogging to start and I had to put it down. I’ll try again next year as it’s on our shelf along with Richard Francis’s Judge Sewall’s Apology.

I am looking forward to reading both of these but they’ll need to go on the list for 2021. The Philbrick book will have to suffice for now and depending on how long it takes to read, his books tend to pull you along very well just like Erik Larson’s do, I may be able to get one more non fiction book done this month before my Christmas in December reading. I always try to read several Christmas books during December and this year will be no exception.

Happy reading to you all. -mike

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