Currently Reading: A Bunch !!

Good morning all. And it seems Happy 2021 !! Since this appears to be my first post of the new year… I know, three months late.

We’ve been busy still working from home, doing “home” stuff and trying to avoid the Great Covid Apocalypse. I have been reading, just not as much and haven’t really posted for awhile. I hope to change that.

The books I’m Currently Reading are as follows:

I’ve been trying to get thru the next installment of the Irish Country Villiage series by Patrick Taylor entitled An Irish Doctor in Love and at Sea. I have the 5 others in the series after this one (so far. He keeps adding more) and still want to get thru them all.

I’m currently also re reading The Jesus Mysteries by Timothy Freke and Peter Gandy. I read this last year but had gotten rid of it. Well, I found another copy at Bookmans along with their books on The Laughing Jesus and the Goddess Sophia. These are books dealing with the earliest and most original forms of Christianity that in their opinions came from a Judaizing of the Mystery Religions that were in vogue and ubiquitous at the time the Jesus Story came to be. Great reading. 🙂

The last is one I’ve had on the shelf for awhile. Daniel Dennett refers to it often in the book I read also last year, Breaking the Spell. The book he refers to is Religion Explained by Pascal Boyer. Both books have to do with the biological and social evolutionary origins and underpinnings of religion and religious thought. Looking forward to spending some quality time with Mr Boyer.

However… I am trying to read them all at the same time so it may take awhile. I may even have to prioritize the Irish Country Villiage book just to lighten the load a bit for the heavy stuff in the other two books. “Damn, it feels good to be a gangster”… of Reading, that is. -mike