Ten Word Tuesday: What the Fawkes?

Welcome to his week’s Ten Word Tuesday.
It’s the Fifth of November. And I can think of no reason that it should “ever be forgot”. But the Gunpowder Plot was less about a Democratic over throw of a Totalitarian/Hitlarian government as was the story in one of my¬†favorite movies, V for Vendetta. It was actually a religiously motivated attempt to assasinate a Protestant Christian King James by a Catholic Christian group of men so they could install James’ own Nine year old Catholic daughter in his stead.
Yes, it was an attempted Christian coup that was actually discovered and stopped. Guy Fawkes was far from the “Hero” portrayed by the character in the movie inspired by him. He was the Fall “Guy” who got caught guarding the 36 barrels of explosives that was supposed to blow up the Parliament building.
So, again…Not a heroic event to be remembered positively.¬† It was a Christian religiously motivated bombing intended to topple the Protestant government with a People’s Parliament and impose a Catholic State. The UK marked it as an event never to be forgot because of the attempted assasination of both King James and their government… that thankfully failed.
Neither party saw the other as “True Christians”.
The Plotters were basically a Christian ISIS Terrorist group.

“The fifth of November should never be forgot or misunderstood.”

Now it’s your turn. -mike

Ten Word Tuesday: “Lock the Doors”

“You’ll soon see these on your doorsteps. Lock the doors.”

Choose better Holidays
October doesn’t have to be know for Halloween. It’s also Vegetarian Awareness Month, also known as “Reverence for Life” month. Why not try to at least cut down on your intake of meat, dairy and other animal “products” in the month of October? It’s good for your health, the planet and environment and for your conscience. And the Animals will thank you for it too.

Now it’s your turn. -mike